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  • Le prime autoblindo italiane Quick View
    • Le prime autoblindo italiane

    • 22,00
    • PROSSIMAMENTE Di Luca Stefano Cristini, 60 pagine In italiano Buy this book on Amazon.com Compra questo libro su Amazon.it
  • The Axis Forces 23 Quick View
    • The Axis Forces 23

    • 19,90
    • We begin with a long and interesting work on the use of the Totenkopf division during the Zitadelle operation launched by the Germans to eliminate the dangerous Kursk salient. Then follows the biography of Fritz von Scholz, an officer who first served in the Wiking division and then commanded the Nordland division. We continue with the formation and use of the Italian Army on the Eastern front, a topic that we will also deal with in the upcoming issues. Speaking…